Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yes Virginia, it IS hot!!

    I got out early again (8:30). The sun was climbing along with the temp and humidity. I only ran a 4.2 miler but am completely drenched and still sweating as I sit indoors!
   Reasons I love hot weather running:
      Contrary to the experts my experience is you will burn more fat off in Summer than any other season! This hot weather burns the fat fast!!
      When racing season comes in the fall you will be a monster on the course! Your body is trained and sharpened to work at its fullest capacity.

    How I run in the hot weather:
        Hydrated! Any run over 45 min I carry a hand held with a mixture of juice/water and I have taken well over 32 oz of fluid before I go out the door.
        By feel! Stay in tune with the body! Walk breaks are ok!
        Take a rest day! The air conditioner can break down so enjoy a swim!

   Hope you all are well! Peace!

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