Monday, August 14, 2017

A bridge to nowhere

            To sharpen means to put an edge on or to be at your best. In training there is actually a sharpening phase a racer employs to be at their very best when the gun goes off.
    Due to lack of HM's in the region, and I have currently been on a "bridge to nowhere" training program, I have opted to sharpen and run a 10K in the next 4-5 weeks. I have a real solid base. I can't keep continuing to increase miles w/o a goal? Injury would result then where would I bee? Nowhere!
   So in order to run a 10K in need some specific training. I cut down the LR today to 10 miles and did an 8:43 mile from 8 to 9. I was proud of that!!
   So...I will select a 10K! Hope you are well. Peace!

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