Thursday, August 10, 2017

The advent of disrespect

    Growing up I used to love to listen to the "grown-ups" talk. I found current events, politics, and philosophy very intriguing. Whenever I would want to "pipe" in my Pop would shut me down! It was disrespectful for a kid to join in an adult conversation. No, we were only to listen. We were taught respect, were you?
   Last night I saw another example of what I identify as a significant cultural trend-blatant disrespect. My neighbor is a sweet elderly lady. She has lived in this area before they took a census! I saw her disrespected by a carload of nabobs. Sad.
   Is there any hope?
     I managed a 6 miler in the wonderful swelter of Summer. Sadly Summer is on the wane here. Things are thinning, Nuts are dropping, deer are foraging....Winter's looming.
  Hope you are well! peace!

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