Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sedentary is scary

    Today I went to a local restaurant and I truly was astounded by the prevalence of obesity. Of course not everyone was obese but nearly all were probably overweight. It is kind of a sad commentary on the condition of our nation. Vast numbers of Americans have insatiable appetites and are living spiritually and relationally obese.  I truly believe that physical condition will speak to spiritual condition. If the body matters then a person is taking responsibility to discipline themselves to a healthy lifestyle.
   Of course running is the answer to getting in shape!! Running forces issues! You have to face the brutal reality of the road, the suffering, and the risks. Running fashions the mind and is the antidote to lethargy and complacency! The brain hungers for the time to think and respond.
  Today I managed an easy 7 miler. Boy there was a lot of traffic....sadly it had some mean people thrown in....hope you are well! peace!

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