Thursday, November 20, 2008

A cold blustery day. I covered 6.3 miles at 9:41's. The first mile is always a warm up so I was knocking right around 9's on the last four miles without really trying. I sure miss Summertime but Wintertime running is where you can find solace. I enjoy being that person that is pursuing not only fitness but a goal. I have in mind a vision. I really want to get back to the day where I was running 8's as an easy training pace. Probably won't occur but I continue to drop the pounds. Down to 178 today. My best marathon time was when I weighted 172.
As I was running today, right around the fastest mile, a downhill section, a phrase came to mind, "How sweet it is." The 30mph north wind and the continuous rise finally were behind me and I was cruising downhill!
Met with my Mentor today. It was a good time and always a great help to me as I strive to lead.
15.7 miles this week with the goal of 25. Then I launch into my 12 week schedule to the Half-marathon.

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