Friday, November 21, 2008

Super day! 28 degrees with a sunny sky and light breeze. Put in 4.0 miles easy. I must remember that I can no longer go out the door on the run. I require a warm-up now or I'll do a mini bonk? I remember back in the day (1980's) when I could go out the door on the run. Seems like about three years ago I noticed the need for a graduated switch from existing to running. Now, if I don't do the switch right I will pay. So out the door I walk briskly for one minute, and jog a minute. Walk a minute and jog two minutes, (I feel like an idiot!) in the next segment usually I can begin steady jogging. At about 1.3 miles I break a bead of sweat and the switch has been made and I can start training. The only draw back is time. It requires a pretty good segment of my training time, plus it messes with my pride.
So today when I went out like in my youth it cost me! I was walking in mile two. I worked through it and made the switch and the last mile was great!
Yesterdays run was felt. I am some sore, it was the longest and hardest run since the last Marathon.

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