Saturday, November 22, 2008

Once I got warmed I ran real strong. 6.4 miles in 1:01.14. The last 3.4 I averaged 8:50s. So I'm pretty pumped about the possibilities. A 40 degree day with strong south winds, nice sunshine. I bought some new shades (Oakley's) and they worked good.
I went down a street where a bunch of Cowboys were frying a turkey, or deer, or some type of game. There were all the jacked up four-wheel drives along the street, country music blaring from the garage, long neck bottles, and cheeks bulging with tobacco. (Conspicuously missing? The girls!!)It was funny how they stopped what they were doing and took a long look at this dude in tights running down the road, with nothing visible that he was chasing nor with anything chasing him? I'm sure they got a chuckle, "run Forest, run!" (One of the great movies of all time!)
Got 26.0 even in this week. Hope to start the program Monday.

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