Sunday, November 23, 2008

When I was a kid Sundays were different. They stood out as a special day. A day for family and for friends. Even though our family didn't attend church Sunday remained special; set aside if you will. Mom would often make a "Roast beef dinner" and for the most part it was good! Sometimes the beef was chewy and I would request the ketchup and get the "glare stare" from Mom. We did stuff as a family. Today it's still somewhat the same but also it is very different. Sunday is a personal day. A day people have set aside for themselves. Ultimately time will catch up with this decision. People will come to the end of the race and wonder why they have difficulty in relationships, partnerships, and fellowships.
Well enough of the "Andy Griffith"lamentation! Today is a day of rest for me! (Personal day!)No running.
I look to the possibility of a long run on Monday. Up to 11.0 miles, I hope. Sciatica is getting better and better, little by little.

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