Monday, November 24, 2008

What it is-
One of the questions we would ask ourselves in college (the group I "ran" with) was "What is reality?" Pretty heavy stuff, huh? We really never answered the question. However, it did cause us to think. Thinking truly is something that is lacking sorely in our current reality, as I see it, anyway.
Here is reality for me, today: Northwest wind staying in my face constantly even as I turned to the South. Sciatica is nearly healed. (YES!!) Ran a total of 8.1 miles, with a great warm-up, a strong middle of 5.4 miles at 9:03 pace, and a mile cool down. The course was rolling and quiet. The sky was clear and inviting, the air was clean and nourishing. The road was a joy today! That's reality! To exist in a well worn body and to be able to have hope for improvement gives me a vision of a reality-Posting the 1:50.00 half in March- So what is reality?
Looking to "The Jack Frost 5k" Dec. 6th. This would be a speed work session.

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