Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Nothing runs like a Deere"
There is some very deep connection between a man and his lawnmower. Often it is a love hate relationship.Recently I have noted the number of men washing and polishing their riders while I am out running the roads. This affection is born out of a deep seated instinct that is hard to articulate. Imagine Hank Hill on his rider. It's a place of comfort, manhood, and power. Oh well, I don't have a rider, just a clanky old push mower! I don't even run like a Deere! But today I felt good! 3.6 easy. 11.7 for the week. I hope to have a tempo run this week. My goal is to at least increase mileage by 10% over last week giving me around 28+ for the week.

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