Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Debt- a state of owing
One of the great truths of life is the fact of debt. Most people are deep in debt!
"Sixteen tons" and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt!
In order to run well; that is to run your very best, to reach your ultimate potential and attain great goals, you owe the road time. It is inescapable and it's not only time you owe but hard effort, too. Our bodies cry out for relief! " Can't we take today off? Let's stay on the couch and eat another twinky!" The eternal, infernal aches and pains that dog me as I pay the asphalt cry out, too. Yet I will get what I pay for! I have been pushing it this week. The start of the 16 week training program has gone off pretty good so far, today I knocked off 5.4 miles with a solid stretch of 9:15's. I am excited about my ability to raise the training pace. I am going to keep lifting the bar, paying the debt, and reaping the benefits. Yet I will listen to the body, but it must be honest. I must fight the urge to become obsessive, too. 'Tis my nature. So I will keep banking the miles and dreaming.
17.1 total this week. I look to run three more times this week hoping to total 28 miles, at least. I will not tempt the cost of overtraining!

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