Monday, November 17, 2008

The Couch
A very rare occasion today. I rested! I flat out did not feel like running. I can recognize that my body is tired. I could have gone but it would not of been profitable. Often times the couch is called for, even if it means two days in a row off the roads?!
On a positive note; the current bout with this dogged sciatica seems to be on the home stretch. This has been, by far, the best pain free day in probably five weeks. I'm thinking training begins with a passion next Monday!!
My current training plan "thought" is five running days per week. One long run every other week, on Monday, of 16 miles or more, with at least a ten miler for the week in between.
Speed work on Thursday at the track. Hills or a race on Saturday totaling at least 9 miles.
Wednesday and Friday will be at or near marathon pace-at least 9:40's. I hope to total between 35-50 miles per week. I will plan on breaking the 1:50 barrier for the half.
Tuesdays and Sundays are off days. Remember, these are the most exciting times to be alive, plus the couch can be a nice place, too.

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