Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've come to realize that in many cases I am a whiner! I belly ache and moan about the current reality of my sciatica without regard for all the other well-functioning parts of my body.
Yes, injuries can be debilitating, frustrating, and discouraging. Yet they are a cause for good, too!? Huh? A reminder that everybody has a hurt(spiritual too), the body is perishable, and healable, a reminder of our ability to work through trials and troubles, and that we can be benched!
So I am glad even though I am not 100%, I can still run. 5.4 miles at 9:45's today. The first mile is always a warm up so I probably knocked off 9:30's. '>Felt good!
Had quite a day in the ministry, too, it's no wonder the burn out rate is so high! Closing in on ten years so I'm doing pretty good, I guess; still kickin'. Just like running there can be injuries in all facets of life. Professional, relational, spiritual. They, too, can heal. They simply must be addressed and doctored properly. Example: "You must confront the issue before the issue confronts you." Get some guts! Runners have guts!
I am looking forward to tomorrows run! I may bump up the mileage?!

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