Sunday, November 16, 2008

How many of us are worriers? Fretting about tomorrow? What if, what if? I would expect on some scale each one of us falls into some form of worry-wartism!
I was reading this morning how people are buying guns at a rate never seen before. Why? To protect themselves I would think. It's unfortunate that our current reality in the USA causes this type of response. On another note I have read reports of the long lines at the church food pantries. Thank God that these pantries have supplies to dispense. What if we weighted the expenses of buying guns/ammo and providing food? That's too much for my brain to consider. I guess guns can provide food, too? Well I guess I won't worry about is enough for me to deal with. No run today. The sciatica is still bothering me, and it seems to be lasting longer than it should? This is causing me anxiety!

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