Saturday, November 29, 2008

I saw nearly a dozen folks out putting up Christmas lights. One location I heard a pretty good spat in the garage, the wife seemed to be getting the upper hand. At another locale two little girls were watching Dad string lights along the gutter and they had such joy on their faces!
My, how the years can tinge our faces! As I ran along I was thinking about what was going through the minds of those lone light stringers? Joy? Angst? Solace? I remember the wonder of lights! I really like the old fashioned bulbs, they are rather large in comparison to today's bulb, they are kinda tear shaped. Well I have to hand it to the light stringer, at least they are trying. I ran real well today. 6.8 miles. 5 at 9:16 avg. with two sub 9's. I feel pretty good but the body is not like it used to be. I guess running with a constant ailment will be a fact of life.
Off tomorrow and I hope to run at least 60 minutes at 9:20's Monday with warm-up and cool down mileage.
The youngest son made it back to campus safe and sound. I always have some worry as he travels the roads. He is a fine young man with a great future ahead of him. I read a paper he wrote for a Philosophy class and it blew me away! I was astounded by his writing ability.
I firmly believe both my sons will attain to great things in this world.

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