Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, I am prepared to preach God's word this morning. However, many people wouldn't agree with what I say this morning. Religion has become such a tangled mess!
I am against religion! I am against rules and regulations when it comes to "The Faith." The have to and the do not, this runs people off because they can't meet the standards!- You see the advent of new "Christian" off shot faiths-ex-"Prosperity Gospel." What ever happened to the reality of faith? BEING a person of faith? Enduring through the "thick and thin."The evidence speaks as Grissom would say. I say let's untangle the rat nest and get back to the faith-a simple love relationship with Father and child made possible by Jesus! I love what I do!!
Off day today. Rest. Still dealing with a minor, nagging leg pain. I think I will take some medicine and hope I will be able to do the important Monday run.

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Frayed Laces said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the kind words. In my last marathon I got mad at myself and ignored my ever-present running buddy. This time, I plan on having conversations with Him right through the finish


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