Monday, December 1, 2008

Cold Sweat-
   29 degrees, 20mph Northwest wind, overcast skies, and a blanket of snow. What could be better!!
 It takes longer to warm-up in this environment that's for sure. Experts say the body actually burns more calories in this type of climate because it has to work harder to stay warm. I'd rather it be 80 any day!
  Today my goal was 60 consecutive minutes at or near marathon pace. I did 62 minutes at 9:10's so I am very pleased! I totaled 10 miles in a buck thirty seven. Warm-up and cool down were very slow but that's okay what's in the middle is what counts. So with the hope of logging 31 miles this week 10 are under the belt. I am looking to Saturday as my speed-work session. "The Jack Frost 5K." The Catholic Student Center at MSU (my Alma Mater)  puts this on every year and they do a great job.I would really like to knock off a 24min 5K. We'll see.
  Went to the hospital early this morn. Have another family having a baby. That makes three different families having a baby this month! The mother was quite nervous as can be expected. These kids are really wonderful, loving, kind folks. I am blessed to be their Pastor!

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