Friday, December 5, 2008

Banjo Bojangles-
Well me and my Bro-in-law made it up to Lebanon and back. My banjo got a tune up and man is she sounding fine. I took up the old banjo and they will try to sell it for me.
I had a good talk with my old school buddy, Mike Morgan, the owner of the store. We reminisced about school and classmates. I'm too far behind, and too tired to run today. Too much to catch up with, too much to do, so I will rest the old bones and settle for less mileage this week than I had hoped for. I have gotten in some quality workouts, though.
I still plan on warming up with about 25-30 minutes of jogging before the race and a decent cool down, too. I hope I can put in at least 7 miles manana.

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