Thursday, December 4, 2008

I wonder a lot! : to be curious or in doubt about. Like why do we blog? What difference will it make? Since I've only had one person take a look at my blog why bother?
Or why does a person like me, supposed to be a "man of the cloth", get irritated with how people treat us runners. I mean I really wanted to throttle this one person today. "Tis the season to be in a huge rush, on your cell phone, and smoking, eating, and driving all at once!" Forget about anybody else for heavens sake! (I almost got run over, again)I wonder is their life really fulfilling? Is a rush around life that is solely about self what our existence is all about?
I wonder, a lot! Note: A runner was struck by a car this morning in Springfield.
Today's run was a struggle. 31 degrees with a howling north wind. I actually slogged today!
4.6 miles on a new route. I call it the battlefield hills run. An out and back that has a 7/10th of a mile stretch with two huge hills. 21.9 for the week. I will be pressed for time tomorrow to run. I am going out of town early. Hope to get home in mid-afternoon. Gotta big evening planned tomorrow night. Dinner and a show with the wife. I don't have to wonder, I know that'll be fun!

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