Wednesday, December 3, 2008

  One of the hardest things, I think, we humans have to deal with is self-discipline. The knowledge of what's right or correct or proper-and then the action that is imparted from this "wisdom".
  Examples? Eating! I remember the good ole' days when the family would go to the pizza buffet. I was King Kong of the buffet! Because I ran multitudes of miles I could eat all I wanted! No discipline at the table!
  Now in my running I am having to exercise discipline. I used to run everything full tilt. Now I have to take some days off, or easy. Like today. I disciplined myself to run at conversation pace the whole distance. I did it!! I ran 7.3 miles in 1:15.07. The last 5.3 at exactly 10:00's. I'm not pleased with the time but the training effect is what I'm looking for. This Saturday will be for time. I am needing to establish a realistic 5k time so I can train effectively. I think I am capable of a 24min 5k. We will see? 17.3 miles for the week. Looking for 31 total.

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