Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Past-
Six days in a row of no running! I am feeling like I may be able to salvage the week. With a cold and Christmas it seemed that training had to take the back burner.
We had an awesome Christmas Eve service at OHC! The facility was absolutely packed out! Sandy and I hung out afterwards with some really good friends, EmptyNesters, too.
Then yesterday was delightful. The kids came over and we spent the evening together. I think of those Christmas times when the boys were little...O what fun we had! I am always reminding myself to not get bogged down in the past. I look at my sons now and see great futures for them and their families.
So life goes on. It's up to me to get back to training! I went to the Doc Wednesday, too. Yuk! Since I am over 50 that requires some invasive examination! Doc said I've the body of a 30 year old (in shape). Things look good. He gave me permission to train hard! I still have to go in for one more procedure-a colonoscopy-O boy! What fun! Many blessings to you this coming year!

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