Friday, December 26, 2008

Heat Wave-
Yahoo!! 65 degrees today!! The wind didn't make a bit of difference today! It felt good to be back on the roads after the six off days. That's the longest stretch I've had off all year. I can now see the clear advantage of the taper. I felt so strong and full of energy. I kept trying to contain myself. Ran the 10k route and did it in 58:28. 9:25's.
I had time to think about the message this Sunday, to plan on next weeks training, to talk to God about this coming year and how I can continue to grow and excel as a leader.
Truly, as John Maxwell says. "everything rises and falls on leadership." As Dr. George Sheehan said, "everyone is an athlete", so everyone is a leader. We do choose our way! We do decide our route. It is up to us to make the move!
What one thing do you really want to accomplish this year? How will you get there? You must lead! Why do most people choose to follow? The lead wagon always takes the most arrows-that's an old saying out west-fear, doubt, shame, insecurity, low esteem, cause us to settle in as followers, taking no risk, having no adventure, and settling for the mediocre life! You can take a few arrows! Don't settle for anything less than getting the most out of your life! Peace!

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