Thursday, December 18, 2008

Man I felt sluggish today. I have been working pretty hard on the roads so my body was saying take it easy. It was like I was dragging a ball and chain the first two miles. Finally I felt somewhat decent but I went on home to rest. I opted to wait until tomorrow to do any speed work. I'm having some unusual soreness in the lower abdomen area? I go to the Doc for my annual physical next week, maybe he'll have an idea? Well, only got 3.2 miles in, 21.9 for the week. I'm thinking about going to the track tomorrow. Need at least 3.1-but would like to log 8.1 more miles this week. I do another wedding Saturday. We had another baby born this week. It's been very hectic. The boy is back from college. He brought his girl friend up with him, she is staying a couple of nights with us. I really like her! Bright and beautiful. Sandy and I are going out on a double date with them tonight! How's that for kids not wanting to be seen with their parents. I am proud of my sons! Peace!

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