Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I always liked that one song "Let's get physical" but as I get along in years of bodily use and abuse I discover that there are pains that must accompany me when I get physical. Just like the lines in the song; "Let me hear your body talk,Your body talk, let me hear your body talk" we runners must hear when our bodies talk! We also have to learn when we can or cannot run with an injury. That discernment only comes with experience. I've got three good pains that I carry every time I get physical! Yet even today I had a great run. 6.9 miles along Wilson's Creek. There is a point when the aches disappear and the run is free and easy. Nothing like it!
18.7 total for week, looking for at least two more runs. I have to go out of town and perform a wedding this weekend so my Saturday run is in jeopardy, unless I run early and from the motel room. It's possible! I will at least have some type of speed work. To run faster one must run faster, grasshopper.

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