Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Tis the Season-
The wind is howling out of the Northwest today at up to 50mph. A gnarly front is getting ready to move through the region. I opted for a treadmill workout today. I set the incline at 1.5, warmed up for 14 minutes and began an ascending pace workout to 7.1 mph. then descended getting an excellent workout in of 46 minutes at or above 6mph and 18 total warm up cool down minutes totaling 64:43-6.4 miles. The treadmill is okay for heart work but I much prefer the roads. I finished with 30.2 miles this week and three rather vigorous workouts.
I seem to have escaped the doghouse and perhaps I learned a valuable lesson: it isn't all about me! I seriously need to keep a grip on that reality. Looks to be a very busy weekend. I perform a wedding tomorrow afternoon and the rehearsal is tonight. Often these events are such a joy, but also a challenge. I always want to do the very best I can for these folks. The wedding is a very important benchmark for many people and they will hold these moments as very special memories or not! I've had my share of wedding stories!

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