Saturday, December 6, 2008

Victory! Dufus!
I had such a morning! I get to the location of the race. Find adequate parking. Enter the facility and remove new sunglasses. I like to let them hang around my neck but these are new shades. I register, get the shirt, really nice long sleeve, and go outside...then I realize my shades are gone! Brand new Oakley's! Lost! What a dufus! I immediately retraced and believe it or not I found them still on the ground in the foyer no worse for the wear. Did I say Dufus!
The course was a two looper through MSU campus so I did about two miles of warm-up. Including the loop one time. Finally the race started and it was well represented. I would say about 200 runners. I started okay, probably could of gone a little faster but I felt good as I settled into a nice pace. I ran along, briefly with one of OMRR's Hall Of Famers, but I decided to have some guts and I pressed on. First mile was a 7:51.99. The North wind at about 20mph was somewhat of a bite but actually the weather was perfect.
I felt real good and decided to up the pace a little and seemed to be passing runners quite consistently. Mile two was a 7:45.40. I still felt good but did notice the lactic acid was building in the legs a little. I changed pace and stride length a couple of times and decided I was going to give it an all out kick at about 2.9 miles. I passed 5 people from this point to the finish. One of them didn't like the fact that I passed them and they tried to take me back at the finish, no luck for them! It was fun!! An 8:11.41 third mile. So 23:48.80 at three. As usual dufus struck as I crossed the line I forgot to stop the watch. I was actually giving it everything I had in order to see what my fitness level is right now. So I'm only guessing that my time was 24:28? Not bad but way below what I used to do.
I ran another loop and then some to give a total of 7.1 miles for the day rounding out my week at 29.0 miles. I saw one of the folks that I go way back with. I've known this person for 23 years. The said they were glad to see me still running. I said "I'm trying." What a dufus statement! I got some new running gloves, I lost one as I was going to return the timing bib! I retraced my steps and some little old lady had it in her hand. What luck! Wow a total dufus! I can't keep a hold of anything!
Well I am glad about the time I posted. I am encouraged and motivated. I will aim to break into the 23's a.s.a.p.. I almost caught this one guy who passed me in the last 5k I ran. I want to beat him! I really enjoy racing!

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