Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reality Check

The first task of a leader is: To identify the current reality. My current reality is there seems to be an over tiredness. The right heel discomfort is beginning to extend into the arch and forefoot areas. What do I do? I will continue to train but I will not increase miles beyond 50 this week. My ultimate goal is to make it to the start line with a chance to break four hours in the marathon. So a nice and easy recovery run today of 3.11 miles. Felt pretty good...the body as a whole is remarkably well considering the long run yesterday.
I've seen something in the last couple of days on the roads. Woolly Worms with light coats, means a mild Winter, and these rather large spiders on the roads. They jump! Very cool!
Hope things are well with you. Peace!


Meg Runs said...

Wooly worms? Jumping spiders? Ancient weather predictors? Please explain!

Rest's an answer to all of our running evils!

jel said...

the wooly worms here have 3 layers of longjohns on ;)

hope y'all have a nice long weekend

Love to Run said...

Hey Mark,

Don't get too discouraged now. It is the peak of training and it is natural to feel drained at this point in the training. Remember that the cooler temperatures are on their way and that means faster running with less effort.

Keep up the great training.

Marlene said...

When was your last recovery week? Maybe you need to take it down a notch to let your body catch up. Hope you feel better!!

Just_because_today said...

Is that true? about the worms? can I count on you to predict a mild winter? one of the most difficult things in training is to know when to back off.

lindsay said...

very important to keep your big picture goal in mind. i'd hate for you to get to race day in pain! take some extra rest if your foot is demanding it and don't push it too hard til it's feeling better.


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