Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, I am struggling. It has been very difficult getting out the door for a run. Yes, I can list 18 excuses but I've always overcome them before?! I'm just in the doldrums. Here are some truths in regards to my current reality:
1) Too much "rest" is weakening me in body and spirit!
2) I am losing fitness as fast as the Polar ice cap is ice.
3) I want to run but find my resolve is weakened like a termite infested board.
4) I've been through this before.
5) I'm pretty sure I'll come out of the doldrums.
6) I've been pickin' the banjo a bunch!
Needless to say...don't give up on me friends!! I'm still reading your blogs and pulling for you. Today I forcefully decided I would run! 30 minutes of it and I felt pretty good! Peace!


Marlene said...

Hope you can find your way out of the funk soon, Mark. January is a tough time.

Meg said...

30 minutes here and there is still good, hang in there!
I do agree though, it's so easy to lose fitness and it "hurts" since you work so hard to get where you were. The good thing is, you can get it all back!

Anne said...

This is a common affliction, Mark, during tough winter months. I've found that switching it up and doing something [indoors] other than running for a few weeks usually gets me back into the groove.

ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

The winter cold can suck! Hang in their man!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Maybe you just need to take it easy before you jump back into training. After a running break, you might find yourself wanting to get out there.

lindsay said...

you'll pull yourself out of this funk soon enough. give yourself rest days here and there, but keep pushing yourself out the door for an easy 30 minutes like you did earlier this week. remind yourself how good it feels after a run, no matter how short or easy :)

Shilingi-Moja said...

Been there, done that - recently, in fact. One of my recent blogs was titled, Clawing My Way Back. And I can't even blame it on cold weather -- it's almost perfect here at upper-50's in the early morning. Rooting for you, Mark.

Jill said...

Hoping your find your mojo quickly and back on the road! We all go through periods of sluggishness....hang in there!


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