Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to Back

Funny! How could running two consecutive days be a big deal? However, it is symbolic to me...as I'd been struggling with motivation, injury, and fatigue over the past few months, this shows I am making a come back...albeit very gradual and slow...glacier(al) if you will.
The sun is out but the tenacious cold is hanging on; adding a cold north wind it requires motivation to get out! Oh, how I long for the 50's!!
I did 30:39 minutes of running and 4 hill repeats. I was sucking air as usual...I've been timing the repeats to watch for improvement or decline. This might be a gauge to use in the coming weeks as how to tweak the workout. As for now; two more runs this week @ 30 min with 10 min as hill repeats. Peace! Hey aren't the Olympics awesome!! Since one of my favorite bloggers is Canadian (Marlene)I'm saying congrats on the awesome Gold medal in skating last night!!


Marlene said...

Thanks buddy! Love the shout-out and GOOO Canada! (Although I am totally happy for all of my friends from the U.S. - you are cleaning up in Vancouver!)

Welcome BACK to back-to-backs. Great run, Mark!!

Meg said...

I'll hope for some nice 50 degree weather for you this weekend! Nice hill work!

Jill said...

Gotta love back to backs!! Sounds like things are turning more positive for ya - gotta love it!!

lindsay said...

you are definitely making progress - your dedication and determination are admirable!

at this point i'd settle for some 40 degree temps!! c'mon warmer weather :)


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