Friday, November 26, 2010


So yesterday I was able to minimize my amount of caloric intake until dessert!! Mom-in-law makes the best apple pie!!! Oh, and pumpkin, too!
  Fortunately I was able to run 5.5 miles with  3.5 at MP. Feeling good! Hoping to go to track tomorrow and run some flat repeats! Have a great day!! Peace! Oh,'s cold down here!!!!


Marlene said...

Nice job on the run for Thanksgiving. Sounds like it was a great day!


lindsay said...

well, dessert can't be helped. how often do we get homebaked pies? :)

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Jill said...

I actually did well was this morning when I saw all the left over pie that I thought I had to have 4 pieces for breakfast. Gotta go run it off...but it's a whopping 22 degrees out, I feel your pain. Happy Friday!

Anne said...

This seemed to be a trend - so restraint until the desserts came. Keep on keepin' on, Mark.

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