Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food fight

  I need to fight the urge to eat!!! Man if I could lose about 8 lbs I know I could gain the speed I need, and also alleviate some of the stress on the feet, legs, etc. I know the solution....replace eating with drinking water or watered down juice. If I could just discipline myself....that's the prob! All these years of eating all I want because I'd simply run it off.....that ain't workin' anymore! I'm trying to eat healthy and balanced but I have a huge sweet tooth!!! I love chocolate!!! Ice cream!! Cookies!!!
  I had an 11 mile MP pace run on the schedule for today but I did not feel like it I think because I've not rested too well this week. I decided to do 4 X 1mile @ sub-nines. I managed to increase each mile with the last one at around 8:25 pace. I'm feeling so strong! I am a big believer in hill work and I am eschewing the notion that hills should only be done early in a training program....I believe the are integral for the duration. I'm gonna try anyway! 6 miles in 1:01:43, 4 X 1 mile repeats. Peace!


Love to Run said...


I am just like you. I love food as well including chocolate and Ice cream - LOVE IT! And I am in the same boat as you, very hard to lose those 10 to 15 pounds that would make me a faster runner.

Good Luck, if something works, let me know about it.

Meg said...

Hi Mark!
I totally relate with the eating! I'm just not burning if off like I used to and it's so frustrating.
I'm back to hill running, thanks for the reminder, I always remember you as the hill guy...
rest up this weekend so you can knock out that tempo!

Terri said...

I totally agree with the hill work being done early in a program. Yes! it is good to read someone else thinks that way too. I hope to begin hill work in Feb. of my (return) training. I actually found a nice safe hill to run out here in flat Houston. Ahhh, the weight issue, I completely understand! Being over 45 (ack) myself, I just don't loose the weight like I use to. I have been really trying to focus on eating well before and after a run. I am also trying to watch my meal the night before a long run. I have already lost 1lb. this week, I was hoping for 2 but that at least is telling me what I'm doing is working. I pray all will work out for you and that you can get a really good nights sleep. Blessings Mark!

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