Saturday, January 8, 2011

A good week!

So I am feeling good today!! I continue to gradually increase the miles...with only three runs this week...a busy one...I still put up 22 miles. I am planning on adding in another run during the week but the big three are all important. This week I did 14X medium hills, 4X 1 mile, and an 11 miler today with 9 of the miles at MP.  My "spring theory" is in full swing! My plan is to continue increasing each one of these workouts until I would be logging 35ish mile weeks. Hills, speed, pace, and rest in between! I wonder if it'll work. I will say I've never really worked this hard at running and kept the enjoyment alive at the same time. Seems that over training, obsessing,  can really kill the joy of running. I want to keep the joy and reach my full potential. Hope it's going well with you...two positive things today....we are getting closer to Spring! Daylight is increasing! Peace!


Meg said...

Hey I did a zillion hills since I last commented. Again, they feel so good and make me feel stronger every time. Thanks for the steady, consistent reminder!
You SHOULD try heart rate training. We have a great book, HEART RATE TRAINING FOR DUMMIES...not that you are one, but it has helped us really find a way to integrate it into our own training.
Give it a read and thanks for the encouragement!

Anne said...

Sounds like you've learned a valuable lesson about overtraining. Glad to see you still enjoying the act of running... and the art of running.


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