Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Listening!!!

Today we received 1/4 inch of rain!!! So needed here...there is possibility of even more, too! The result of the rain, being good, was a steam cooker!! I started out and immediately began breathing was rapid, my head began getting light....I was in a steam cooker! I had planned 5X2min @ HM pace with a minute rest....I pushed on and at 20 minutes turned around and began the workout.....I decided I would walk between intervals and I found that I was able to do a quality workout.....there is a strange paradox...after the 5 intervals I was running faster and stronger? Finished with a great week...26.95 miles covered....I will keep building, building, building! Onward and upward! Tomorrow is Sandy's birthday so we are going to celebrate today and tomorrow!! Peace!!!

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lindsay said...

Happy belated birthday to sandy!


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