Monday, July 25, 2011

A Perfect Morn...

The heat wave has taken a slight break, we received 1/2 inch of rain yesterday and there remains a cloud cover. It is very sultry and humid but nothing like the toaster we've been living in lately.
  I continue to build and added 5 minutes to the "long run" time today making it 95 minutes. I noticed increased strength and pacing due to the reprieve in temps and had to continually hold back. I am in fat burning mode right now! I have actually noticed a slight slimming the last two weeks?! Truth is I am not even in long run territory yet! I really am convicted to take it slow and build very gradually. I will get there! So 95 minutes of conversational pace running today. Tomorrow I will run either 60-65 minutes, Wednesday will be hills, Thursday off, Friday 60-65 minutes, Saturday 6X2 minutes intervals @ HM pace with 1 minute rest. Hope you are doing well! Peace!!

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