Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whoops. almost forgot!!!

  Seems to be the story of my life lately, forgetting! I do not believe it's a sign of old age but of overrun by life!! Have you ever been so busy you seemed to be rushing from one place to the next not even having time to take care the necessary aspects of life.....
  So I get out of the house early because this day is stacked up with activity! I'm enjoying the peace! Not one car passed me for the first 20 minutes!!! Heard the Cardinal singing, a Hawk squawking, road kill....yuk...I could hear flies buzzing, I broke cob webs on a short dirt road that's part of my run....ahhhh...55 minutes of bliss! But then!! I remembered it's speed work day! 9x1 minutes @ HM pace with 1 minute rest. I did it and finished with a great week of running. 25+miles in 5 days. Now, since I am taking off an extra each week I can continue to build in time. Oh, btw....Vacation next week!!!!!!!Peace!`

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Marlene said...

Yes, I often feel I am go-go-going so fast all the time that I barely have a chance to breathe! Easy to forget things that way.

Great run! Peaceful quiet roads are the best.


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