Friday, February 17, 2012

1k reps....

  So I continue with the weight drop goal and mixing in some marathon training via treadmill. I really wanted to run outdoors but I needed to get the 1K reps in and I wanted to be sure to eliminate the hills! Maybe tomorrow I can go outside.
  Today I felt the "Bear" jump on my back as I was in the middle of my last 1K rep...I was doing these @ 3K pace (8.1mph or 7:24's)...all in all I finished well but noticed the fatigue on that last 1/4! Maybe it's the fact I've run over 34 miles already this week?
  I did 4 x 1K @ 3K pace with 1.5 miles warm-up and 1.5 miles cool down, totals 60 minutes 6.29 treadmiles.
   In a hurry today....must go to hospital for a visit then me and Sandy are going on a date! She is back to her old sassy self and I am a lucky man! Peace!!

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Way to hang in there through the reps.

Enjoy date night!


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