Thursday, February 16, 2012

I keep pushin'

  Keep pushin'! Training goes on! Just a simple...real easy...reco run of 31 minutes today. The total D was only 2.57 miles but it went by quickly because I was talking the whole time! Practicing the sermon!
  Funny how I have lost 14 pounds but I still see myself as fat! I am almost ready to take the belt up another notch but even so it is unreal how much body fat I have been carrying! I remember my high school weight was 157 lbs....I suspect my true weight is down at least 7-10 more pounds from the current 172. I truly am about worn out with watching calories though! I wish I could just eat and eat and eat sometimes! However, if I'm going to achieve my goal of breaking 4 hrs in the marathon I have to get down as far as possible!
  I got some new compression socks today!!! Excited! Peace!

1 comment:

Johann said...

Good going! I ran my best marathon in 1997...03:48. I was also at my lowest weight ever then. So keep it going!


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