Monday, February 20, 2012


So today I decided on a 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill. 1 degree incline @ 7.5mph. That figures to be my desired 10K pace. As usual I did 1.5 miles warm-up and cool down giving me a total of 8.03 miles in 72 minutes.
  I was a little unsure about the distance....I mean five miles at 10K pace!? Seemed a little hard especially after the last tempo run of 4.5 when I was sucking air pretty bad the last 1.3 miles...amazingly I found a rhythm and completed the run without really ever getting to that point where I'm needing to "catch" my breath. It was so encouraging to see how training does pay off!
  Well tomorrow will be an easy reco run of  undetermined D...I have to officiate a funeral tomorrow so I will have a very busy day.....hope all is well with you! Peace!

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Anne said...

I've had to attend several funerals lately and am always impressed with those who officiate. Such a wonderful gift to give to grieving family and friends. Thank you on behalf of those too sorrowful to say so right now.


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