Monday, April 9, 2012

It's all relative!

  Strange that the phrase "it's all relative" came to my mind as I prepared to get in the all important 22 miler. I had prepared very well for the long run by staying VERY well hydrated all day yesterday and being sure I was fueled well, too. I got with it early today, up by 5:30, read my Bible for about 30 minutes, ate my waffles with honey and peanut  butter, got my fluids and gels ready and by 7:37 I hit the start button. My mantra for the day was, oddly, it's all relative! I don't have any idea what that means but it came to mind:)
  My goal was to run a 10 minute warm up then run the rest of the way in base pace range-5.9-6.5 mph @ 1 degree incline.
   So after the warm up I launched into the run and planned on starting at 5.9mph and increasing .1mph every 10 minutes to 6.5mph and repeating until I reached 22 miles. I changed this as I reached 6.5mph I just held that for 30 minutes then decreased .1mph every 20 minutes....I will say I really began to hurt at about 20.5 miles but I held on repeating "it's all relative"....weird! I finished this run in 3:32.50! This is a 9:40 pace! I was surprised that I was able to hold on....I had to work hard and the last 1/2 mile I was in the wheeze zone but I made it!
  One thing I have learned during my treadmill experiment. It works! It is an excellent  way to force yourself to maintain a pace and to learn pacing. I proved this in the half I just ran and I strongly believe in mixing in treadmill training with road work.
  I have never ever run a 22 miler at this pace! I used to run these long runs in the 11's so I am pumped. So it's in the bank! I probably will take tomorrow off and then recovery run Wednesday with a tempo run or MP run later this week. This is the last week before taper! Peace!


Meg said...

Great discovery with the treadmill, makes sense! I just can't stay in one place for that long but I have to applaud your focus!
Sounds like you had an awesome start to your week, carry the vibe with you wherever you's all relative!

Anne said...

I'm glad you're discovering the benefits of treadmill running. So often all we hear is the negative. But you're right that it is an excellent tool for pacing. Just don't fall off!


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