Saturday, April 14, 2012

Onward to the Taper!

  Well I did it! I have made it to the taper segment of my training program. I have not had a perfect program, I missed some days due to travel and fatigue and I was still able to get in the most important runs. I managed 4 long runs. My last one being 22 miles @ 9:40 pace! I managed several tempo runs with my last one being 8 miles @ HM pace. And today I did the last MP run of 10 miles. I put in 51 miles this week!
  I lost 15 pounds and over the last three weeks leveled off at 171. I guess this is my fighting weight. I worked my plan on the two races I ran in this program; a 25K @ MP which I accomplished, and the all out HM attaining my challenging goal of 1:52.02. I was really surprised and pleased by that time. According to all systems I should be able to break the 4 hr barrier for the Marathon. I guess the only system I can depend on is mine. How well I'm trained and how bad I want it?
  I remember my first marathon. Bunches of friends and family all there to celebrate with me. Trudging up the final rise with my calves undulating with painful spasms, I hit the tape at a 4:05.33. That stands as my PR. The course was extremely hilly, the wind gusty and the temps in the 20's. I had a 2:06 at the turn, as I look back I know I dropped important seconds at the first starting too slow and I dropped minutes in the end because of the calves.
  Over the last four marathons each time I experienced failure in the goal. At Grandmas I bonked right at 20 miles....I was on pace, too! The quads were like concrete.....I was even doing the Galloway method. Finished that one in 4:06. It's been downhill from there, a 4:30something, a 4:19, and my last one a 4:18.
  Each time I'd worked hard yet failed. So will this time be any different? I believe so! I am fit! I have a dream! I will probably go alone...this time no family or friends at the finish to celebrate. I don't care about that, there's something deeper here for me....I can't really explain yet I really want to accomplish this insignificant, useless, non productive goal....
  So onward to the taper! Two weeks of training....hydration, fueling, resting, and dreaming!
  I have a plan for this race which I will relate in forthcoming posts! BTW GO MARLENE!!!!! Peace!


Meg said...

Such an inspiring post. I totally "get it." That feeling that this race has something really meaningful attached. Go big, dream big and like someone told me last night, FULL EFFORT, FULL victory(whatever that victory may mean to you)!
Happy tapering, Mark!

Jill said...

The taper is going to just fuel your legs and make them so much stronger for the race. Enjoy every second of it.

Off ALL the marathons I've done, the ones I've done the very best at are the ones I really slowed the pace considerably at the start. Keep the first several miles at below race pace and I know you'll have a fantastic race!


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