Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dangerous Roads

I have to run on a highway...Highway W. It is a highway that technically dead ends, it is very curvy, banked, and the speed limit is 55. It is not a highly traveled road but I'm sure many cars traverse it daily.
  I have learned to "try" to get off when a car comes because people drive so stupid and are so often distracted by their electronic devises. It can be very risky running these roads. Today I am saddened because a young lady, 18yrs old or so, who lived on my road was killed on highway W last night. Her car went off the road and she was thrown from the vehicle. A terrible tragedy. As I ran today I had to pass by the location and many people were there paying their respects. Life is so fragile! We must value each moment!! 3.2 miles in the raging heat on the dangerous roads...peace!


Marlene said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to read that. Terrible. :(

lindsay said...

that's scary, and sad! though it's a highway it sounds like it's not too trafficked -- though that doesn't mean you can be wreckless. hopefully drivers in your area are extra attentive while you are out there!

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