Monday, May 14, 2012

Enduring the negative.....

  Seems like sometimes everybody is a critic or just negative. I wonder why negativity seems to be a predominate aspect of many peoples approach.
  I endure it in my running and you've probably heard it too. The sideways comment cutting your endeavor....I've been hearing for 30 years now!
  Even with my trees there is the cutting remark from neighbors or family...I just take it and go on...yet sometimes I'd like to stop biting my tongue if you know what I mean!
 I guess negative thinking is just the way for some and we have to accept their approach, yet we do not let it affect our approach!
  I will strive to keep running and I will keep planting my trees!! Today I knocked off a nice 5.6 miler outside and three of the miles were in the low 9's! peace!


Johann said...

I see myself as a positive person and hope I influence others in a positive way. I'm not a fan of negative people.

Marlene said...

No better way to respond to negativity than with more positivity. But yes, it's difficult to keep biting the tongue sometimes.


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