Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Time

  Wow! What a year so far. Spring came early and it seems Summer will, too. It is hot and sunny, and the ground is already drying out. I sure hope we don't keep suffering this lack of rain. I have been having to water my new trees and I would much rather they get a little rain. So today I ran nice and easy on rolling hills/2k hill rout. I only went .5 miles down 2K hill and finished with 3.8 miles. I continue to gradually increase and I still have no race goal. I would like some of your thoughts regarding this question.
  If I wanted to run a 10K race with some race specific training how long would you make the training segment? Preace!

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lindsay said...

Race specific training to me is just doing speed work. I'd do intervals (anything from 200-1200m) or mile repeats along with some tempo style runs. Google some 10k training plans and see if there are any workout ideas you like.

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