Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feelin' fine!

  Well, I think I have recovered fully from the marathon. I have a good mental attitude and my body feels pretty good. I know the rule of thumb is one day recovery for every mile raced but we have to go by how our bodies are speaking. Mine says it's in pretty good shape and is ready for some semblance of a training program.
  I am leaning towards some 5K tune-up races and maybe a half marathon in June. We will see if I can work out a plan. Today I decided to do a tempo run. 1.7 miles warm up, 1.5 miles at HM pace, 1.7 cool-totaled 4.94 miles..... I am now an expert on the difference between treadmill and outdoor running. I will tell you that the treadmill is an excellent tool and is very forgiving allowing us to train and minimize risk of injury. Yet it cannot compare to road running....the lower calf and push off is minimized in treadmill running in comparison with road running. I will consider using the treadmill for speed work and in inclement weather, and in times of injury.....I am still worried about the Achilles....any way I'm feelin' fine! Peace!

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Johann said...

Good to hear you are feeling so great! I feel the one day per mile rule is good but I certainly run slow enough to recover quicker. Awesome day to you!


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