Friday, May 18, 2012

The heat is on!

   Okay, no global warming jokes! Wow...early Spring and now early Summer. The grass is browning and the heat is rising! It is like mid-july here! We need rain! I am having to water the saplings or I'm sure they would be perishing.
  So my mid day run was wonderful!!!! I love this weather although it does tend to slow you down a bit. I took my 22oz handheld and did a little out and back run totalling 6 miles. I busted 20 miles this week as I continue to rebuild. I may even run tomorrow, too! I am really excited to see my son Evan today and tomorrow. He gets to come home for a couple of days. A friend of his is getting married...I am actually performing the ceremony. Well, hope you all are getting rain! Peace!

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Jill said...

Been really warm here, too...I just saw 94 on Tuesday next week. Bleh. At least today it's cool and raining, a rarity in Denver these days. So great your son is coming home, I'm sure it'll be great to see him! :)


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