Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rolling Hills

   So I continue to gradually recover. I plan on all outdoor runs until I begin speed work. I have been really tired of late...some what concerning? I did manage to pry myself out the door today in the perfect running weather! 70ish with some clouds and a nice breeze. I ran only 5K and managed the last mile in a 9:34. I just took it easy. I am sticking with my plan to recover until May 24th, then I will ramp up for a while. Hope you are well! Peace!


Johann said...

You are doing everything right. Take it easy and enjoy the lower mileage. May 24 is not far anyway.

lindsay said...

Glad recovery is going well! Enjoy it while it lasts - soon you will be wishing for the easy days of short, slow runs again :)


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