Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's bad!

 The lack of rain or drought, it is getting serious out here! Again I watch as many of my first year saplings die. Even though I water them there is nothing like rain!
  One thing I do will rain again! The concern I have now is regarding fireworks usage. The country is often a gathering place for city folk during this specific holiday. As a runner I have come upon several sites where they have "celebrated" our freedom. Yes we are free to litter! Love the paradox of life!
  It is such a tinder box out here I am greatly concerned about the fire danger. I will be on edge as I hear the bombs burst in air and see the rockets red glare.
  Yesterday I got out early and ran my 9 miles. I am hitting lots of hills and so far the achilllies is holding up. I felt a little sluggish and my pace was a tad slower but that's okay...still averaged 10's. The heat is sneaky and can bite you like a Brown Recluse!
  Today is a rest's supposed to hit 102....record setting temps btw..
  Hope you are well! Peace! (praying for rain!)

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Johann said...

I hate fireworks and can just imagine how dangerous it can be during a drought and with such warm temps. Praying for rain!


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