Friday, June 29, 2012

The Turtle Principle

  Of course it's cliche'.....we've all heard it....slow and steady wins the race....yet recently I've seen some fast turtles! They can flat get with it! This "Turtle Principle' is so true...the turtle has a destination and is stubborn in determination. She won't quit, stop, or turn....on to the goal little by little.
  Living a fulfilled life....a life that discovers the desires of the heart must follow this principle! Know where you are going! What does it take to get there? Do it!
  Today I knocked off another 9 miler of hard hills! All before the oppressive heat. We are setting all time records here! Can you say "Heat wave!" I wondered why my pace speeds are slower? Hills...heat...(old age)
  Oh goes on one step at a time! Peace!

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