Saturday, June 2, 2012

Life on Center

 I live on Center Road. It is really a beautiful area. The road runs on a ridge in the Ozark Mtns. It winds its way to the bottom lands where Bull Creek runs. Then it ends into the national forest. I live on the ridge. We are starting our 4th year out here! My trees are coming along although it is a real challenge to keep the saplings alive....I have already lost nearly 50% of this years planting.
   I scared up a deer during my cool down walk in our back yard area, the wildlife and foliage is abundant this year...I also have a ton of hills to run I tried to stay in the flatest zones and my Achilles felt much better. I thank you Anne for the info and I will look into that. So 5.1 miles today and finished the week with 24+ miles.
  So looking forward to this week! My son Jared and his family are coming up for a visit. His sweet wife Jo and our Grandson Alex!
  I get to officiate a wedding tonight. Interesting deal...I will be doing the ceremony for someone I also baptized. This phenomenon is increasing! Guess I'm gettin' older:) Peace!

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