Monday, June 4, 2012

2K hill Baby!

  Yeah, my heels and achillies are a little "there" but not in a real bad way. I am on a mission (again) to lose more weight! Let's get down to the lowest possible level!!!
  I want to break the 4 hr mark in the marathon! So today I continue the gradual increase towards beginning another training segment. I went to the bottom of 2K hill and I made it back up in great shape!!! I even notched a 9:25 last mile! So a 5 miler today with 2K up a hard hill! It's a 400ft climb over 2K so it's a toughy. Well I am excited because the family is in town and we are having fun! It is good to see my little grandson Alex! Peace!

1 comment:

Johann said...

Sounds like things are good on your side. I'm also on a weight loss mission. Enjoy the family and your grandson!


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